What You Should Know About Loans This Year

Some Celebrities That Had to Pay Off Student Loan

A lot of Americans are graduating under student loan debt and the number is rising each year.

It is a fact that $1.3 trillion of student loans are all on U.S students and in the year 2016, almost all students finishing their education owed over $37,000. Are you one of those students who are burdened by the debt you have from school? Never lose hope, do not let that kind of problem faze you.

Even the celebrities before had their own debts when they were students. Some celebrities are also paying for their student loans until today.

Check out these celebrities that were also having some student loan debts.

United States President, Barack Obama

You should know that Barack Obama was also in the same shoes you are in right now. Barack Obama was able to finish schooling in Harvard but he was under a lot of student debt. He was unable to pay them all off up until he became a U.S senator.

Even Michelle Obama was taking a lot of student loans at that time. The couple also mentioned that it would have been best to have just saved money for their daughter’s education. They were spending all of their earnings on their student loans.

Obama’s Loan Forgiveness program was implemented in the year 2010. Obama designed the program to help those students who are in the same ordeal he was in before. The program helped people, it lowered interest and end of term forgiveness and various others.

Cecil Shorts was Once Just Like You

The NFL professional receiver, Cecil Shorts never had a athletic scholarship. He was able to pay for his education because he worked at part time jobs and took out loans. His student loan debt actually reached around $70,000.

You need to know that even Cecil Shorts went as low as accepting jobs like grass cutting. He said that it would be better to work during summer vacation to be able to save up for the tuition.

You have to work hard to get there, it does not mean you should stop because you were less privileged, keep in mind that even Barack Obama had to struggle but look at where he is now.

You should keep on moving up and never quit working hard, it can all change when the going gets tough, you will be strong enough to handle that kind of problem.

Once you are finished schooling and you start getting legit jobs, that is the time you pay them off, without proper education you can’t get a proper job.