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Facts About Binary Options You should know that trading using binary options can be both exciting and fun. Also, it’s a fact that in this option, you can receive some bonus pay from brokers for you to be able to maintain your trade. Of course, there are things that you should know first before you choose the binary option trading. With the help of this article, you will have an easier time getting into this kind of trading. Knowing more about the bonus fund If you’re wondering about the bonus pay, then you should know that a broker can help you get that, but the choice is entirely up to you whether you want to receive one or not. For instance, you already have put some money into the trading account that you own. With that in mind, you can receive money from the broker that’s equal to the amount that you deposited to your account. You might think that it’s so simple, but you should know that receiving the bonus just don’t happen like that. There are rules and conditions if a broker is to provide you with bonus pay. Such rules include showing the broker that you have already accomplished several trades before they actually let you use the bonus pay that you can receive. Just keep in mind that you have the choice to refuse the bonus pay.
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The fixed return options of binary option is also something that you should know about
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When it comes to trading with binary options, you will always have the idea what you’ll gain if you win the trade. If you want to see what you’ll lose if your trade is not successful, then the binary options trading is also for you. As for the brokers, they usually have 70 to 90 percent of fixed return rate for the successful trades. For example, if you get a 1000 dollar trade and had a success on it with a 90 percent return, you’ll get 1900 dollars, with the 900 dollars as profit. If you lose the trade, then you’ll be losing the 1000 dollars that you used. Binary Options Have Expiry Time And Strike Price As a trader, you can pick the asset that you want to trade and then choose which direction it will go to. As for the directions, you can use the call option to make the asset go up and the put option to make it go down. This can only be done at a certain time duration and that time would be the strike price. The expiry time will be determined once the trade has been finished.