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Reasons behind the Emerging Industry: Peer-to-Peer Lending Peer to peer lending is an emerging option for loan transactions wherein you can apply for any type of loan such as but not limited to personal loan, car loan, student loan, business loans, and even for the sake of consolidating your loans. The P2P lending is just an emerging industry but it is already a standalone. It is indeed a fast growing industry that is why people who have heard of it wants to try and they even consider it as the best option. Borrowers will assume that the bank can help them find a lender. On the side of the lenders, their basic task is to perform due diligence so that there will be proper credit checking and they also collect payment. The purpose of the credit checking is to help the lenders know the qualifications of their borrowers as well as giving them the maximum amount and also the interest rate.
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Why do people want this peer to peer lending? You will get benefits from it. The first reason is that it is very effective when it comes to debt consolidation. In most cases, the interest being charged to you is lower than those other sources of consolidation and at the same time, you are able to pay off your debt exactly on its maturity date. Another reason is the fact that it is easy to seek source of funding. If you are planning to start your own business and you need to apply for a loan, going to the bank might just not be a good idea. But in the case for P2P loans, lenders are the ones who are searching for persons like you. Your loan will go through a market place for potential lenders. The next reason is that you will enjoy lower interest rate for most cases versus other forms of applying for a loan. As per report, lenders often enjoy the 6% interest rate but still subject for credit standing. The interest rate is indeed lower compared to credit cards and the interest rate is not allowed for changes.
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But what is really the reason why more lenders choose peer to peer lending? The top answer is your earnings. The rate of 6% to 19% are basically the rate of returns as per reports of the lending club. The rate of return your enjoying is definitely very high compared to other forms of investments. Another reason is the fact that they have preventive measures to avoid default by means of credit screening. The list of defaulted accounts must not exceed 2%. It is in fact low despite the fact that you are applying for unsecured loan that has no collaterals as support for the loan availed. That is why lenders are forbidden to limit their funding to one loan application.