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Cryptocurrency-What Is It All About? Cryptocurrency is a form of exchange. This is similar to normal currency however, it is made for exchanging digital information through a process that is cryptography. Cryptography secures all of the transactions and even controls newly created coins. The first ever cryptocurrency was made in the year 2009 and it was called the bitcoin. Nowadays, there are hundreds of crytocurrency and it is called as the Altcoins. Cryptocurrency is also called digital currency and it is converted as lines of codes that has monetary value. Cryptocurrency is not the same as centralized banking since the government has no control over it and it is fully decentralized. Almost all kinds of cryptocurrencies are made to lessen the production such as bitcoin so it will make a market cap on them. This is not the same as financial institutions because they can always make more currencies. Bitcoins will not have more than 21 millions coins. The technical system where they based crytocurrency was made by Satoshi Nakamoto. Because there are different types of cryptocurrency it also has its specifications. The specifications of cryptocurrency are based from protocols such as proof of stake or proof of work.
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Cryptocurrency miners maintain cryptocurrency and they are part of the general public that set up ASIC machines or computers in order to validate and process transactions.
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The largest type of cryptocurrency is called the Bitcoin. However, it is not the most valuable cryptocurrency. Litecoin is the kind of cryptocurrency that is next to bitcoin. Dogecoin is one of the most known kind of cryptocurrency. The dogecoin is in the average level and has a low market cap. Cryptocurrency has a mining power and it is rated on the scale of the hashes every second. When the cryptocurrency miner will solve a block, new hashes will be produced. The hash algorithm will transforms the data into fixed hash. It is just like a code, once you know how to determine the algorithm then you can easily solve the has and expose the original data. There are actually two kinds of hashing functions. There are two kinds of security when it comes to cryptocurrency. The first part of the security is controlled by cryptocurrency miners and they make it hard to find hash set intersections. The second part of the security is focused on the attack. The miners will make alternative block chain. This is why the attacker can only do limited things. Cryptocurrency is legal in most countries. There are different websites that monitors cryptocurrency. These sites is where you can check the price, the market cap and the availability of volume and supply of cryptocurrencies. This is where you can get in touch with the community.