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Stock Trading Strategies

In the world of stock market filled with earning opportunities it is a wise decision to pick one or more trading strategies depending on your goals, plans and trading style then stick to that strategy no matter what happens in the market. If you do not focus on your plan and you follow trades that do not fit into your strategies, it can cost you a lot losing money in the market. You have to keep your emotions out of the picture and keep using strategies that you have experienced formally.

It does not matter what strategy you decide to follow, you should always choose the right stock at the right time, with the right price. Set your criteria and find stocks that would match your criteria. Then wait for the opportunity to enter the market at the price you have set as your buying price. Do not get emotional and enter too soon or too late. You should be on top of the news regarding that stock and wait for the opportunity to get out on time. Deciding when to sell you stock depends on the type of investor you are, if you are a long term or a short term investor. No matter which type of investor you are, do not sell your stock when everyone is selling and market is falling. Again do not get trapped in your emotions.

As part of all your strategies, you should consider the importance of both technical and fundamental analysis. You should always research and analyze what you are going to buy. When you want to buy and hold shares of a particular company, fundamental analysis becomes an important step which you will perform financial analysis of the company. When trading short term then technical analysis comes to your picture which you will study charts, analyze the stock prices, and different trends.

If you decide that you want to do day trading then there are certain strategies involved in day trading such as scalping and fading. In a scalping strategy, once you reach to a certain profit point you need to sell the stocks immediately. With fading strategy, you have to be very careful and pay attention to the volatility. You need to sell after quick upward moves.

There are many online programs and training courses that will teach you different stock trading strategies and how to pick the ones that would fit your goals and trading style

Independent Financial Advice

Independent financial advice is needed by anyone wanting to ensure that their hard-won money works its hardest for them. There are good ways and there are not such good ways, there are efficient means and less efficient means of literally getting the best value for money – and independent financial advice will point you in the direction of the best routes and the best financial products available.

Britain has one of the most developed and advanced financial services industries in the world. This is great news for the consumer, of course, but it does mean that there is a positively bewildering array of different financial products on the market. Independent financial advice will help to make sure that you are choosing not only the best, but also the most suitable for your particular needs.

Savings and investment

If you want to make the most of your savings and investments, for example, would you know where to start? Could you pick your way through the maze of unit trusts, individual savings accounts (ISAs), Open-ended Investment Companies (OEICs), investment bonds, inshore or offshore investments, or ethical investments? Would you know where to go for reliable stock broking or comprehensive savings plans? The choices are almost overwhelming and this is the point at which you would want a well-informed, qualified and independently expert adviser to step in and advise you of the pros and cons of each.


One of the major areas of development and sophistication has been that of pensions planning. Once again, independent financial advice will be essential to ensuring that you make the most of your money for the longest possible time. Whether it is advice and guidance on personal pensions, annuities or finances on retirement, consultation with an expert will pay dividends.

Personal finances, protection and insurance

In today’s uncertain economic climate most people want to make sure that every penny counts. Independent financial advice is essential to the best management of your personal finances and that of your family. In the field of personal and family insurance, for instance, there is already a huge range of products to choose from – and the choice is growing all the time. Whether your interest is in life insurance, critical or serious illness insurance, health insurance, or endowments, independent expert advice will be needed to ensure that you and thoroughly understand what you are buying, but that you have chosen the most appropriate cover for you and your family’s needs.

Although sound, independent financial advice might have helped you to manage your debts in a sound and stable way in the past, if problems have begun to appear or debts seem to be getting out of control, then advice can also be given on debt consolidation or other debt management solutions.


A whole field of independent financial advice is also available to those looking for help in obtaining the right mortgage. Today’s mortgage market, of course, is something of a minefield and expert advice is needed to tread a clear and confident path through the available offerings and choices between repayment, fixed interest, interest-only, endowment and pension mortgages (to name but a few).

Specific Financial Advice for Doctors

Expert and impartial financial advice for doctors is highly recommended as they are subjected to financial challenges which individuals in less other careers simply aren’t. There are a number of professionals out there providing specific financial advice for doctors, and these individuals should at least be consulted by doctors to discuss exactly what services they can offer and how these will benefit doctors when compared to more conventional, off the shelf advice.

Many providers of financial advice for doctors have worked for the NHS for many years and as such have an intricate understanding and knowledge of NHS remuneration and benefits packages. This enables them to create specifically tailored plans which optimise a medical professional’s wealth as they progress through their career.

If you are considering a number of providers of financial advice for doctors then to help you decide which you should opt for it is important to ensure they offer a full breadth of services.

Financial advice for doctors should include the following services:

· Income protection- this element of financial service ensures that if you suffer an illness or injury which makes it impossible to work for a significant period of time, you will still receive an income.

· Professional indemnity- this ensures that when mistakes do occurs doctors are covered for a claim from a patient which could potentially run into millions of pounds.

· Life assurance- the object of life assurance is to provide protection against death or critical illness, so that if the worst should happen dependents are provided for until a mortgage or long-term loan is paid off.

· Pensions – irrespective of the stage of your career, it is essential a tailored pension plan is created early on to ensure you can enjoy your retirement to the full. An intricate understanding of the NHS pension payments will help providers of financial advice for doctors to maximise the sum.

· Investments- with so many different investment opportunities out there it is essential you choose those which will maximise your return. Such factors are dependent on the age, circumstances, investment goals and the career stage doctors are at.

· Mortgages- the way NHS remuneration packages are set up can create difficulties for doctors when applying for a mortgage. However, there are bespoke mortgages which can be created which negate this issue.

This list is far from exhaustive and exceptional providers of financial advice for doctors should offer a range of services which far outstrips this range.

Online Trading Tips

Forex online trading, as the term suggests, is the trading in forex markets through an internet connection. It does not need the participants in the transactions meeting physically. All they need is a computer and an internet connection to be ready for the forex transactions. The online forex trading is convenient to the trader because it allows one to trade from the comfort of the living room. There are a number of steps that are followed, however, before one engages in the forex trading.

Step one:

Open an account with a forex trading site of your choice. You need to have opened an account with a bank prior to this and probably deposited some funds with the bank account. After you have opened the online account you log into the account and link up the online account with the bank account. The bank account will enable you to deposit money that you receive from the trading activities and also to access the funds that you may need during the online trading.

Step two:

Start practicing. Most firms that provide forex online trading platforms also provide this facility for the new members and other interested parties. Ensure that you practice first before you start the real thing. This is very crucial because of the risks involved in the forex currency market. The risks are high and you can lose a lot. So ensure that you are really ready for it and that you have the nerve to go through with it. If you can’t handle the practice account it is advisable to let go of the forex trading ambitions because you will definitely lose a lot if you are not good at it.

Step three:

Once you feel you are ready for the forex trading, then you can start the real thing. These platforms provide support services to help their members in making investment decisions. There are also a variety of tools to help the members in learning the trade and be effective in it. These range from, daily reviews, weekly reviews, Fibonacci calculators and eBooks to help the traders sharpen their trading skills.

The listed steps are meant to guide you the newbie get the hang of the forex online trading and help you get started with it. Ensure that before you get into all this; identify the right forex online trading platform that will help you meet your financial needs.

Online Trading Tips For Novice Investors

All prepared for online trading but do not know where and how to start? What you have heard about value of stocks being going double or more is no doubt true. Those who are trading in such stocks have become millionaires in the true sense of the term. Risks are a part of online trading; the intensity of the risk is the key determinant. If you want to take minimum risks by managing it, you will have to move ahead step by step. Planning in such a situation is a must. Without planning you cannot manage your risks. If you do not want to get trapped into risky trading, play safe. Here are few tips that will certainly bring results to your online trading spree:

  • Time & Effort: Give some time to yourself before you start your online trading. At least a month of your study on the stock market, NSE BSE, viewing the NSE and BSE live, taking a glimpse of the statistics displayed in the live stock market, getting updated with market news, and related paraphernalia. Knowledge always pays; the more knowledgeable you are more are the prospects of gaining maximum return on your investments
  • Research: Conduct a thorough research on the market and stay in sync with the changing market trends. Understand market volatility well by staying in touch with the live stock market. View the changing BSE sensex and nifty figures several times a day. Select the stocks and then wait and watch. Find out whether your selected stocks are rising or falling in value. If these are rising, make a note of the market factors associated and if these are falling, follow the same step. Do join a blog forum related to NSE BSE trading or one related to the NSE live or BSE live
  • Close Watch: Keeping a close watch on which companies are gaining, which are losing, sectors that are in the uptrend during a month as displayed in the live stock market besides comparing the current with the past trend will let you stay in sync with investor trends. You will then know what really influences the NSE BSE online trading market
  • Analysis: This factor is one of the key determinants in finding out the potentiality of NSE BSE stocks. To find out whether your chosen stock will grow or not, consider the company as well as the industry’s track record of growth over the past few years. Positive results with little or negligible falls should be chosen. Make a comparison between the rate of growth of the company in sync with the industry. Nifty and BSE sensex including NSE BSE live should always be viewed for the analysis besides other parameters
  • Registration: Get registered at an online trading platform, one that can well guide you towards giving shape to your trading goals in the stock market. Here you can get the services of the expert broker to manage and handle your transactions.

Certified Financial Planner

Many people wonder why anyone would pay money to a financial advisor when so much free financial advice is available in books, internet etc. The prime reasons are accuracy, accountability and customization.

Why Free Financial Advice could be dangerous

Of course, countless financial information is available on the internet and other sources. But, the problem lies on accuracy. It is nearly impossible to determine what is accurate and appropriate to your individual requirements and objectives. It is obvious that what is right for your friend may not be right for you. If you make financial decisions based on free financial advice that is inappropriate to your requirements and objectives, it could be a detrimental to your financial well being.

The main problem with free financial advice is that they know nothing about your individual financial situation, goals etc. They are unaware of your risk tolerance or time horizon. They offer one size fits all financial advice. Another big danger is that these free financial advices are without recourse. If such free advices cause you to lose money, you have no recourse. It is always more expensive than expert advice.

What is a Certified Financial Planner and Why You Need a Financial Planner

The prime advantage of hiring a certified planner is that they see your financial situations as a whole. He will study each and every aspect of your financial life. With a sound knowledge of your risk appetite, your outstanding liabilities, your needs and requirements, he will come up with financial recommendations that will take care of each aspect in total. Thus, a certified financial planner makes your financial life better.

A certified financial planner is a financial advisor who meets the requirements established by the CFB Board of Standards. Certified planners are trained to develop comprehensive financial plans. They access your financial situation, troubleshoot problem areas and recommend appropriate options. They assist you with a wide variety of financial decision making. A certified financial planner should be expertise in various investment strategies, insurance, retirement accounts, taxes etc.

What to Look for When Choosing a Certified Financial Planner

It is important to choose a certified financial planner as you will be working very closely with your financial planner. Ensure to know what services will be delivered, what their responsibilities will be.

When choosing a CFP, ensure to look at the advisor’s experience, qualification and their area of expertise.

There are various types of financial planners. The three general compensation categories that a CFP will fall into: Commission based, fee based and fee only. Each offer different service ad is compensated differently. Understanding how and how much a planner should be paid is another important factor to look for.

It is good to talk with your friends and relatives to see what their experiences are. Do intense research and make sure to check with the various regulatory boards to see if there has been a complaint lodged against the planner.

Find a Financial Planner

A planner is him who plans, for himself or for the others. This signifies a financial planner as one who creates plans for your existing finances for making it (you as well) see better days in the future.

Speaking of it, find a financial planner to reach the financial goals that you’ve set for the retirement years or for purchasing a new home or maybe for the college education of your children or for starting a business after retirement. It is, however, a bit tricky to find a financial planner who shall comply with your every need; this reinforces the fact that you must ensure an open relation and clarify every speck of doubt before handing over the contract. So:

  • Put on the paper your every financial goal.
  • Determine where you want to be in a few years (five, ten or fifteen).
  • Set goals regarding your retirement years.
  • If you are inclined towards doing charity, mention that as well in your list.

Now, you are all set to find a financial planner.Check with friends for referrals

There are of course people that you know and you trust and there should be someone with similar financial goals and strategies. That way, you may approach the financial planner this person is consulting; else, ask as many people as you can for a referral. The local bank or a local brokerage firm can be a good source as well.

Search the Internet for “Financial Planners”

The sanest thing that one can do regarding the search is to find a financial planner online. Almost all reliable financial planners have floated a website under their respective names by now; it makes gathering information on them a hell lot easier. Besides, choosing one according to the specialization shall impose less labor.

Contact the National Association of Financial Planners for a referral

The National Association of Financial Planners is a body that comprises all trained, qualified and reliable financial planners. That way, you do not need to worry about atrocious fee structures and neither do you have to worry about getting cheated.

Look up “Financial Planner” in yellow pages

If you want to reap the benefits of hiring a qualified, professional financial planner, then there’s no point in wasting time elsewhere. You can easily find an experienced financial planner through – one of the most reliable and trustworthy online yellow pages.

Most Important Personal Finance Advice

There are many advices out there on how to deal with and succeed in your personal finance. Just like your goals in physical fitness and other areas of your life, you have to have goals in order to succeed in your personal finance. What does it mean to succeed in your personal finance? Success in personal finance means different things for different people.

If you make a lot of money but have a lot of debt, then you will still struggle with your personal finance because you are not making the most out of the money you have. You will be like a bath tub full of water coming in but most of the water is going down the drain. The end result is that you do not have enough water to take a bath.

If you do not make a lot of money (compared to the meridian family income which varies from city to city) which for the sake of argument is less than $50,000 a year but you do not have a lot of debt or other expenditures. You will notice that you do not struggle financially because your income is suffice. Over a period of time, your accumulation of income will enable you to succeed financially.

After listening to many experts and even practicing many of their advices, there is one advice that allowed and enabled people to succeed in their personal finances. Here is that advice:


What does that mean? It means that if you owe money then you are always enslaved to the company or person you owe that money to. You will never get ahead financially if you owe more than you make. Your net worth is your asset minus your liabilities. In order to have more of a net worth, then you will need to have more accumulated financial assets than financial liabilities.

Most people will argue what can be called a financial asset. With the down turn in real estate, many of the properties have become a liability when they were once an asset. But, most people including those experts would agree that credit cards and loans (especially car loans) are a liability.

We have to eliminate those liabilities such as credit cards and car loans in order to not be financially enslaved.

Money is definitely not the most important thing in life. But, it is important enough that we have to pay attention to our liabilities by eliminating those liabilities in order to succeed in our personal finances.

Using Your Debit Card and Personal Finance Advice

What is a debit card?

A debit card is one form of plastic money that is linked to your bank account and is as good as cash. You can use it in merchant establishments and pay up or use it in an ATM to withdraw cash.

What are the ten words on using debit cards and personal finance advice?

  1. A debit card is an excellent means to replace your cash. It eases you off the burden of carrying cash and at the same time provides you with the convenience of cash.
  2. Unlike cash you can keep track of the payments made through your debit card. This will help in keeping track of your personal finances as you may not remember where you spent that $18 last week if they go from cash but you will have an entry in the bank if you spend it through the debit card.
  3. You must handle the PIN number and identification details carefully. Most people are in the habit of storing their pins in their mobiles. While it is good to store the pin in a place that you can later retrieve from easily it should not be too easily viewable to others. What you can do is instead of storing your PIN as just the four or five digit number you can make it look like a phone number with the last digits the same as your PIN.
  4. Debit cards and personal finance advice are good instruments for people who are in the habit of overspending on their credit cards. You can have the convenience of plastic money and at the same time cut yourself off that unwanted credit limit by developing a habit of using your debit instead of your credit card at all places.
  5. If your debit card however is stolen it is relatively easier to be used than a credit card. This is because you can block your credit and stop payment in the case of a credit card but as soon as the debit card is used the money in your account is gone and therefore the first thing that you should do if the debit card is stolen is to call up your bank and inform them and stop the card transactions immediately without doing anything else.
  6. Here’s good debit cards and personal finance advice – Don’t give out your personal financial information about the debit or credit card over the phone or on the internet. In one incident an individual who was booking airline tickets was giving out his personal financial information over the phone and while the airline company did not cheat him he was overheard and since only numbers are required for online banking even without physically having the card the guy who overheard him still misused his card.
  7. With phishing attacks and viruses and Trojans becoming more and more sophisticated one can never be too careful while giving out their personal finance information over the internet. The key is to make sure that there are a few websites only which you use to purchase online and you make yourself familiar with them so that if there is any attempt of creating a mirror website and tricking you off your details you can spot something fishy and report to the authorities immediately.
  8. Debit cards act as a good mechanism for parents whose children are going out to college and are going to live separately. While on one hand it gives the parents the comfort to know that their children can get access to cash whenever needed at the other hand it also gives them a track of where the money is going and how frequently are the withdrawals being made.
  9. Another key thing to note is that while there is no fee for using debit cards normally if you are using debit cards and personal finance advice of one bank in the ATM of another bank there may be some fee attached to it. This is generally high as banks figure you will only do so when faced with no other option. So you should indeed do it when having no other option and keep at the back of your mind that its always better to not spend another couple of dollars when there is an option of saving it.
  10. And the last one which we all know but no one really does is its best to keep changing your identification number frequently as even if it leaks once the numbers can’t be used after a certain time period.

Stock Investment Tips

If you look at the history of stock market carefully, you will notice that there have been a lot of unpredictable twists and turns that puzzled the investors and brokers who thought themselves to be the masters of stock trade. Though there is no particular style of functioning of the share market, there are some popular proven tips that must be followed so as to be a successful stock trader. Let us here discuss few important things you must be aware of, in order to trade and invest successfully in the stock market.

1. Always apply the formula of buying stocks at low rate and selling them when their price rises. This simple strategy will give you assured returns on investment. Remember that your ability to follow this formula will determine your success or failure in the stock market.

2. Just follow what the stock market is going through. Keep in mind that the market is always right and price is the only reality. In other words, if you accept what the market indicates, you will be successful and vice versa.

3. Don’t look for reasons of the current position of the market. You will end up nowhere. It is just wastage of time that you are looking for the reasons for the change in the market. Never assume that the stock market is rational. Just bother about the direction and duration of the market move. Follow the current market trend. This is because the trend is the basis of all profit.

4. Don’t blindly follow the traditional technical and fundamental analysis, as they are not the only means to consistently make money in the markets. Make alterations in the trading strategy by following the current market trend. If you catch the trend changes correctly, you are surely going to get good returns on your investment.

5. Let your profits run and cut your losses as quickly as possible in order to strengthen your scope for success in the stock market.

6. Hire an experienced and efficient broker, as he will guide you in trading successfully for a long time with constant good returns. A stock broker is capable of making you understand the market strategies clearly, thus allowing you to make your own trading decisions by analyzing the facts rationally.

7. It is advised to the beginners to keep a close watch on the market and understand it thoroughly before making any transaction. You must be completely aware of the ups and downs of the market. Understand the basics clearly and then make a move.

8. Diversify your investments. That is, don’t invest all your capital investments in just one stock. Select stocks and bonds from different sectors and invest in them. This will lower down the risk factor.

9. Don’t ever be over confident while trading. Keep in mind that values van fluctuate any moment, no matter how steady they are at present.

10. Another helpful stock investment tip is to look at stock charts to study the graphical trends of the stocks in which you are interested. This will keep you updated about the market moves.